Singtel collaborated with SK Telecom to hold its first metaverse event


  • Singtel recently partnered with SK Telecom in order to hold its first metaverse event.
  • The event, “Destination:ifland,” was held at the Singtel Comcentre in Singapore.
  • The experiences taking place on the ifland platform involve celebrity fan meets, virtual concerts, and more.

Most recently, Singtel has entered a partnership with SK Telecom in order to hold its first metaverse event. The event titled, ‘Destination:ifland,’ was held at the Singtel Comcentre in Singapore. As revealed, users were allowed to design their own digital avatars in order to participate in a various range of activities. 

The CEO, Consumer Singapore at Singtel, Anna Yio, released a statement regarding the same that said that the growth of the internet is now taking a tilt towards a creator economy and immersive virtual dimensions. 

This does need an ultra-low latency network with high-speed connectivity and higher bandwidth to facilitate the creation and delivery of an uplifted metaverse experience. In addition to this, it should be noted that the experience will involve multiple users and devices associated with augmented or virtual reality. 

The ifland platform of SKT, which was first launched in South Korea in July 2021, is powering the metaverse experience of Singtel. Celebrity fan meets and virtual concerts are some of the experiences that have taken place on SKT’s ifland platform. 

As part of the event, around 130 winners of a contest that ran on social media channels associated with Singtel were able to join a virtual room. 

It should be laid emphasis that SKT and Singtel have formed a deep metaverse alliance. As per the aims shared by the duo, they are aimed at developing virtual counterparts of real places in Singapore and creating avatars that are customized to the local culture. 

What’s more to the key takeaways is the fact that Destination:ifland was the first segment of a larger series of experiences termed The Meta Guide. Further details regarding the events in the series will be announced in due course by Singtel and SKT. 

The ifland platform is made available on iOS and Android in order to ensure that more and more people can take part in the events.