Web3 industry opens the tourism space through Tourismverse


  • Web3 industry opens the tourism space through Tourismverse.
  • Tourismverse will operate on The Sandbox platform.
  • The Turismverse is a collaboration between the Sandbox, World Tourism Forum Institute and TourismX.

With the world moving towards the metaverse, Tourismverse is bringing the tourism and travel industry to Web3. Tourismverse is the output of a collaboration between The Sandbox, World Tourism Forum Institute and ToursimX to build a virtual neighbourhood hosted on The Sandbox platform. 

The vision behind building this Tourismverse is to bring all the countries to visit the destinations virtually and interact with tourism content through different activities. The ecosystem will showcase how the metaverse differs from the entertainment and video game experiences by integrating them into tourism. 

Additionally, Tourismverse will focus on enhancing the travel and tourism experience by adding various features. 

  • This will improve consumers’ travel experience by leveraging the real-time utility benefits in respective destinations.  
  • It also allows people to experience global events from their homes. 
  • Visitors can use Tourismverse to attend various events, including Online Games, Museum Tours, Live Concerts, Conventions and dancing at nightclubs. 

Talking about this collaboration, the President of the World Tourism Forum Institute emphasized, 

This collaboration is essential for the future of tourism. 

They added that the initial tourist destination being built in Bali, Indonesia, is a sample case study that will perform as a benchmark for building other destinations. The President also thanks H.E. Sandiago Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, for supporting this project.