Dove takes beauty in the metaverse via “Real Virtual Beauty” campaign


  • Dove is set to challenge and improve representation of females in video games besides transforming gaming into a positive world for them.
  • Dove is inviting gaming developers and creators to take part in creative ways and express originality in the world of avatar.
  • Rewards and grants will be offered to the best creators, to raise funds and grow their work.

Dove is coming up with real virtual Real Virtual Beauty, a range of actions backed by partners throughout the games industry that are created to break the beauty stereotypes. It will also offer the upcoming generation of creators and players with the required tools to establish both body confidence and self-esteem. 

The Dove Self-Esteem Project has emerged as the largest-self esteem education provider since 2004. 

Dove will begin the campaign with Real beauty in Games Training, which is a course in collaboration with industry leaders and Centre for Appearance Research. The course will support the creators to depict everyday life’s diversity as well as refrain from being a part of the bias and stereotypes associated with design. 

The popular brand has also partnered with Toya, a female led UGC game studio, to release SuperU Story. While the former is a games studio led by females, SuperU Story refers to a free experience on Roblox made exclusively to support young girls in building body confidence.

The global games community includes around 1.3 million girls and women and 60% among them indulge in video games before turning 10. It is worth knowing that the games industry is still surrounded by the narrow beauty standards and affects the self esteem of female players in a negative way; thus, making them feel demeaned. 

It would have been great if characters in video games identified like women in real life is what 74% of girls expect. 

Dove Global Vice President, Leandro Barreto, said that Dove believes that beauty must reflect confidence rather than anxiety be it real life or virtual. The company is moving towards managing negative stereotypes in the quickly expanding games industry. 

Additionally, he said:

Through our work with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine education team, Women in Games, and alongside the launch of SuperU Story on Roblox – we hope to make a real impact on the millions of women and girls who are spending their free time playing games.