Slam-Girl, the Marvel character canned 20 years ago is NFTs now


  • Slam-Girl is the creation of Stan Lee and was created 20 years ago.
  • She was discontinued after the collapse of the company that created her.
  • Slam-Girl has been recreated and is back as NFTs.

Marvel has produced some amazing legendary and successful superheroes like the Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, Spiderman, Thor and more. 

But there was one character that failed to hit success and ended up on the cutting room floor. That character is Slam-Girl.

Created two decades ago, she is a new character who was a joint effort between Stan Lee and Will Meugniot, Lee’s creative partner.

In her story, Slam-Girl became a superhero after taking a sip of a radioactive ‘Old Spider Bite’ Lite Beer. Now that leaves with the curiosity to know what could have happened if she had slammed an unblended beer.

After taking the sip, she was filled with superpowers which she now hesitantly accepts. 

When a once-off episode of Slam-Girl was found out, for the very first time in 20 years, it was presented at Metacon, a metaverse-based event. The event took place in May in Dubai.

Upon rediscovering her, according to the records, she was made by Lee and Will Meugniot in 2000. As per the files, Slam-Girl was made to become an internet-age slacker for the digital enthusiasts.

Shirrel Rhoades, a former publisher at Marvel, approached Meugniot for a collaboration regarding the NFT series. Slam-Girl will appear as an NFT series at NYC Comic Con. 

In the NFT collection, Slam-Girl will battle against four enemies. Her rivals belong to The League of Evil Bastards.

The NFTs can be purchased on OneOf, a platform that claims to be a ‘green NFT marketplace.’

Other than Slam-Girl, there’s one more offering, Fully Charged, which has twin siblings, Rocki and Jax. A legal hacking team, they think they are accumulating in-game tokens and NFTs. Moreover, unintentionally, they have been purchasing and selling the biggest weapons on the Dark Web. This is how they find out about their superpowers.

Both the collections will be available from October 4 on eBay for Germany, US and UK fans.

Lin Dai, CEO and Co-founder of OneOf, said that they were interested to bring StanLee’s vision to life through NFT technology and Web3-native superheroes. 

She further said:

The ‘Participate To Own’ model has never before existed in the comic industry, connecting fans with characters that they own and storylines that they imagine.

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