StepN Unveils $30 Million Airdrop for Its Move-to-Earn Users


  • StepN announces a generous $30 million airdrop to its community, offering 100 million FSL points exchangeable for GMT tokens or use in NFT mints.
  • CEO Shiti Manghani expressed gratitude to loyal users, initiating the airdrop with a focus on Badge Holders, who represent the core player base.
  • The campaign, enhancing the user experience within the StepN ecosystem, remains open until the end of April, inviting all to partake in the rewards.

StepN, the renowned Solana-based lifestyle app, has declared a significant airdrop valued at approximately $30 million to its dedicated users, as announced on April 10. This generous initiative is aimed at rewarding the community for its unwavering support and engagement. Around 100 million FSL points are set to be distributed, which users can exchange on a one-to-one basis for StepN’s GMT token or utilize in forthcoming NFT mints to obtain exclusive rewards.

Shiti Manghani, CEO of StepN, emphasized the airdrop as a gesture of appreciation toward the platform’s loyal community members. This move reflects the company’s commitment to acknowledging the efforts of its users, particularly those who have immersed themselves in the app’s offerings. The initial phase of the airdrop focused on Badge Holders, a group that represents the core of StepN’s user base. These individuals, recognized for their active participation and achievement of complex in-app milestones, received FSL Points allocations reflective of their contributions.

To participate in the airdrop, users must register for an FSL ID through the developer who oversees the StepN ecosystem. With this ID, they gain access to a broader range of activities within the ecosystem, including spending their FSL points in the Mooar NFT marketplace and engaging in the strategy game Gas Hero. This $30 million airdrop campaign is scheduled to continue until the end of April, offering ample opportunities for users to claim their rewards.

StepN, launched by FSL in 2021, innovatively combines physical activity with blockchain technology. By acquiring a virtual Sneaker NFT and connecting their smartphones, users can earn rewards for their bodily movements, such as walking, jogging, or running.

The rewards, issued in GMT tokens, introduce an element of gamification and financial incentive to regular exercise. With a supply cap of 6 billion and a current diluted market capitalization of $1.57 billion, GMT tokens serve multiple functions within the app, from minting new sneakers to upgrading existing ones. The app boasts a community of over 5 million users, demonstrating its widespread appeal and success in encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle through blockchain technology.