Tamadoge’s NFT collection to launch on October 6


  • Tamadoge is the latest meme coin, which is the first token with real utilization.
  • Tamadoge is created around fun P2E games that are set in the metaverse and allow players to meet, hang out and battle against each other in challenges.
  • According to experts, Tamadoge is expected to make 50x gains by 2023.

Tamadoge has confirmed launching a new NFT collection this week on October 6. Tamadoge is a blockchain-based P2E game ecosystem that enables users to mint, breed and fight to own a Tamadoge pet in the metaverse

The official site publication Tamadoge is expected to release a brand new NFT collection in the middle of this week. The non-fungible tokens will allow gamers to access in-game assets in Tamaverse, its pet verse.

Previous month, from its beta token presale, Tamadoge raised 19 million USDT in just eight weeks and grabbed attention. Right from that time, it is dominating the crypto community and has established itself as an online vibe. 

The NFT collection will have limited edition 21,100 NFTs and the digital collectibles will be put under three categories- Common, Ultra-rare and Rare.

Every NFT will have its own rare characteristics and abilities. Users can participate and claim $TAMA rewards. A puppy version of their NFT will be given to all Tama parents or owners of Tamadoge, once the Tamadoge metaverse main game is launched, which is expected to launch before the month ends. 

Ultra-rate NFTs have been planned to launch on coming Thursday. The NFTs are packed with properties like awareness, agility and speed. They will offer their owners a stats boost so that they can climb the leaderboard to win even more rewards.

Rare and Common NFT have also been shortlisted and they are expected to launch soon. In comparison to Common Tamadoge NFTs, Tamadoge will have a little boosted stats.

Meanwhile, Tama, Tamadoge’s native crypto token, has responded considerably to the drop announcements by pumping 150% plus in the last 24 hours. On September 27, Tama started its early exchange offering OKX, the crypto exchange.

The very same day, Tama was successful in being listed on various other leading exchanges like Bitmart, Binance and Uniswap. Rama’s listing price during that time was $0.03.