TIDEFI and All Time High Vodka join hands for real-life tokenization agreement


  • TIDEFI and ATH have come together for the launch of the $ATH token.
  • The $ATH token allows users to participate in the expansion of the ATH brand.
  • Users will turn into the brand’s members and get physical rewards via the ecosystem’s support by owning $ATH tokens on the TIDEFI platform.

TIDEFI DEX has joined hands with All Time High Vodka to support the release of the latter’s exclusive $ATH token that’s built on Tidechain.

ATH Vodka aims to disrupt the spirits industry and build a whole new business model to reward consumers. ATH Vodka strives to unveil great value through blockchain with an aim to both reward as well as launch real-life based utility. The overall community enjoys perks from the ATH Vodka brand’s expansion and success.

The CEO of ATH Vodka, Prince Yemoh, shared that their collaboration with TIDEFI has allowed ATH Vodka to act as a connecting link between both industries through blockchain to bring real value and utility to everyone as real digital rewards. 

ATH Vodka happens to be the very first flagship spirit brand that’s established under the Reset Drinks Ltd. company. According to the founders, they can connect to create something together and take their brand forward via access to artists, venues, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, sports stars, and music festivals.

The $ATH token is a new kind of digital asset that lets users take part in the ATH brand’s expansion. The token will be released with a supply of 1,000,000,000 $ATH tokens that will be distributed via the sale of ATH branded products as well as initial distribution events that will be released via TIDEFI DEX. ATH can be availed before its launch in early Q1 through staking $TDFY that has begun today.

The major reward includes the implementation of the HighLife pass and will allow everyone who has over 10,000 $ATH tokens to access a network of value besides utility in the physical world with partners connected to restaurants, festivals, VIP clubs, luxury hotels, and more. Certain event partners include Cannon Run.

TIDEFI Exchange will power the $ATH token and enable users to own, trade, and stake assets via one platform. Offering a community-based distribution strategy, the TIDEFI Exchange gives the participants on the network opportunities to win rewards both in ATH tokens as well as its native $TDFY tokens. The platform supports the users and offers them access to a decentralized blockchain ecosystem without requiring deep technical knowledge.

CEO and Co-founder of TIFEFI, Daniel Elsawey, said that this is by far the first real product that’s been tokenized on TIDEFI. He added that they are taking tokenization a step ahead and making way for real businesses and products, thus enabling the community members to engage beyond a transactional relationship.