Tim Tebow goes into NFT with Solana-backed platform to support college athletes


  • Tim Tebow has begun a Solana-based software firm to work as a marketplace and support college sports.
  • Tebow shared his aim behind stepping into crypto and plans of his platform regarding athletes.
  • He aims to capitalize on the right of athletes to seek endorsement deals.

Upon winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and two national championships at the University of Florida, Tim Tebow, who is also a  former Denver Broncos quarterback, turned into a celebrity. According to the recent update, he is looking forward to throwing a touchdown pass to college athletes with NFTs on CAMPUS.io, a platform founded by him. 

Before spending many years in the New York Mets organization’s baseball minor leagues, Tebow played for the New York Jets. He began CAMPUS like a Solana-themed software firm to function as a market for college sports. 

CAMPUS has partnered with Nissan Heisman House to come up with a contest, providing mementos to eight winners along with a virtual meet-and-greet session with Tebow as well as seven other Heisman winners.

The platform enables college athletes to capitalize on their likeness, name and image. Earlier, such assets were considered to be a property of the National Collegiate Athletic Association besides the schools they played for.

However, it changed in 2021 when in the U.S. Supreme Court, the NCAA lost a lawsuit, which led to a path for college athletes to go ahead with endorsements based on likeness, name and image. From that time, athletes have started indulging in NFT-oriented deals as well as how they can get paid in crypto.

Talking about CAMPUS, Tebow said that players are the priority and they come first. Additionally, he shared that as compared to colleges, athletes would make more with the platform though he didn’t talk about any percentage. 

Tebow explained that CAMPUS isn’t for football players only but for other athletes like gymnasts as well. The platform will allow young athletes to take their brand awareness and utilize it.