Top 5 Best Selling NFTs Collection of Last Week: Report

  • 2021 was a massive breakthrough for NFT sales. For the past 12 months, their volume had hit about $23 billion.
  • In January, the sales went upto $1 billion for a week but decreased by 29% weekly.
  • The five best selling digital collections that helped drop the NFT sales to $168 million in the past week are here.

Over the past week, the NFT sales dropped once again to $168 million. 2021 was a massive breakthrough for NFT sales and the volume went up to $23 billion in the last 12 months. In the past years, digital collectibles, most commonly known as NFTs, have made a huge record in the marketing and investment field.

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are exclusive, incomparable items that can be bought digitally for the users to purchase and sell online in the virtual world. Blockchain technology is the most common technology used by NFTs to keep a record of ownership. It is similar to cryptocurrencies. The first time they were launched was on Ethereum. Ethereum is the very blockchain that provided support to the cryptocurrency called Ether and most of the NFTs can be purchased solely through ether.

According to NonFungible, the following are the five best-selling collections in the metaverse.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Their seven-day sales volumes are up to $32.2 million and the number of sales they made was 491. The highest sales price it had was $637,375.


Second, to BAYC, CryptoPunk’s seven-day sales were about $9.0 million with their number of sales being 50. Their highest price went up to $290,645.

The Sandbox

Standing at the third position in the last week, The Sandbox’s seven-day sales volume was $7.7 million. Their number of sales was 858 and their highest price was $43,848.


They made about $6.2 million in the past seven days. Their number of sales was 146 and their highest sale price went up to $331,069.


At the gift position, Doodles made around $3.7 million in the last month with their total number of sales being 142. Their highest sale price was $78,454.

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