Top Dog Studios founder Paul mailed Yuga Labs for a refund on his Otherdeed NFT


  • Paul of Top Dog Studios mailed Yugalabs seeking a refund of his Otherdeed NFT.
  • He confirmed using Chat GPT to compose the said email.
  • Yugalabs’ reply to his mail denying to execute the said refund.

Paul, the Founder of Top Dog Studios, recently revealed that he mailed Yugalabs seeking a refund on his Otherdeed NFT as his statutory right under the Law of the UK. Yugalabs did respond to his email. 

As revealed, the first-level support gave the affirmative response and cited that their Terms of Service barred returns. 

It was disclosed that they complied with his request in order to refer the issue to their legal team. Setting a Precedent, in this case, will require taking Yugalabs to the English Courts of Law. This goes without saying that any lawyer inclined to take this up pro bono will spice things up. Consumers do possess a legal right to do so. 

If the rules are disregarded, vendors can also be required to “pay compensation or be awarded an infinite fine or a jail term. However, getting Yugalabs to the courts and making them pay is surely going to be an uphill task. 

Paul will only get a refund if he wins, but it won’t be as much as things are now going for on the secondary market. He is hoping that he will be able to set a precedent and protect consumers. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that the NFT and Crypto do not come under the purview of Gambling, given the fact that gambling is an exception as per the official website of the Government of the United Kingdom.