Tyler Hobbs’ QQL NFT project raises nearly $17 million in successful mint


  • Tyler Hobbs of Fidenza co-created the new NFT game QQL Mint Pass, which debuted with a $16.7 million revenue.
  • Notably, the royalty-free NFT platform X2Y2 is blacklisted by code in the QQL Mint Pass smart contract.
  • In a video introducing the QQL project, Wist is described as a “long-time, all-purpose crypto enthusiast.”

Upon its release on September 28, 2022, QQL Mint Pass, a new project co-created by Tyler Hobbs, developer of Fidenza, made over $17 million.

Visual artist Tyler Hobbs and co-creator Dandelion Wist will publicly disclose their generative art algorithm QQL. A QQL Mint Pass token permits the holder to mint authorized artwork using that algorithm. According to the QQL site, the project includes 999 total NFTs, 99 of which were set aside by the developers for “special purposes.” 

Notably, the wallet address for X2Y2 is blacklisted in the QQL Mint Passcode, effectively blocking any attempts to interact with the market. The action seems to be a response to the discussion last month about whether NFT platforms should impose artist royalties, in which some protocols, like X2Y2 and SudoAMM, chose not to.

In a video introducing the QQL project, Wist is described as a “long-time, all-purpose crypto enthusiast.” The algorithm for the computer-generated NFT project Fidenza, which at its peak sold for up to 1,000 ETH ($3.5 million at the time) on secondary markets, was developed by Hobbs, according to a previous post from The Block.

The Block requested comments from Hobbs and Wist, but they didn’t give any.

Also, in terms of trading volume in secondary sales, the project swiftly overtook well-known initiatives like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, according to Nansen data, raising more than 15,176 ETH (about $20.3 million) within hours of its launch. Numerous purchasers of the QQL mint passes have also purchased Fidenza NFTs, Hobbs’ first generative NFT product, whose sales have lately increased.