XRPL’s NFT amendment suffers “Critical Issue” and has been postponed


  • Wietse Winde, the chief developer of XRPL Labs, recently said that he was withdrawing his support for the amendment after it came to light that a straightforward flag on newly-minted non-fungible tokens may potentially be utilized inappropriately, as was noted by U.Today.
  • The NFTs that was issued on top of the XRL Ledger can get locked up.
  • In order to solve the issue, the repair will disable the problematic flag. The development team at Ripple will then suggest releasing version 1.9.4.

Wietse Winde, the chief developer at XRPL Labs, reported that he retracted his “yes” vote as a validator for the XLS-20 modification. In other words, an essential and long-awaited change that will advance the NFT to XRPL may be pushed off indefinitely.

This choice was made because of a serious flaw in the system that might have resulted in the freezing of XRP for anyone who generated or minted NFT on the XRPL. 

Because a “trust line” for a cryptocurrency in which the creator or minter of an NFT did not have one automatically gets built at the expense of the creator’s or minter’s XRP reserve, the freezing happens when the creator or minter of an NFT gets royalties for an NFT in that cryptocurrency.

Duplicitous users could take advantage of this weakness in the XLS-20 mechanism and launch attacks. As a result, the majority of the vote is predicted to be against it, at which point the XRPL Labs team will start working to find a solution.

When, if at all, will XLS-20 be released?

However, Wietse Winde asserts that since the 80% threshold for approval has already been met once, it is not essential to say goodbye to the XLS-20 amendment permanently and that improvements will undoubtedly occur after the fixing.

The NFT’s originator and one of the pro-XRPL campaigners, Combat Kanga, predicts that addressing the issue might take as long as two and a half months at the very worst.