Yuga Labs sells the most expensive NFT in 2022


  • Yuga Labs collections have accounted for most of the best NFT purchases this year.
  • On March 2, a Ukrainian flag was auctioned for $6.8 million.
  • Transactions involving NFTs with unique characteristics have resulted in a few anomalies.

The number of transactions and sales has decreased as the price of Ethereum has fallen and the bear market has begun. NFTs have had a challenging year. Regarding online revenues, January of this year set a new high.

NFTs have garnered a larger audience due to the social media platform Reddit’s release of collectible avatars; however, the business has refrained from labeling the items as NFTs.

The NFT MoonPay purchased the BAYC in February for 569 ETH, or just about $1.6 million. The piece is tied to their covert but contentious concierge service, which promises to acquire high-priced NFTs on celebrities’ behalf.

An NFT of the Ukrainian flag sold for $6.8 million on March 2. It donated the money to Come Back Alive, which provides supplies to Ukrainian soldiers and citizens.

Clock, a partnership between Assange and NFT artist Pak, was purchased by AssangeDAO, an organization pushing for Assange’s release. They raised $52.7 million in public donations to make the ultimate offer of 16,953 ETH.

CryptoPunk was bought in April for approximately $1.6 million. SpyKid currently owns 10 Punks worth 1,409 ETH ($1.7 million). On July 12, it traded one Punk #4464 for 2,500 ETH. The account has 22 punks. 

In January, one of the CryptoPunk was auctioned off for about $3 million for a Zombie Punk. In February, the cowboy hat-wearing punk traded for an astonishing 2,501 ETH, which is $7.28 million. CryptoPunk #5822 became the most costly NFT in 2022. Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of Chain, purchased the NFT in February for 8,000 ETH (then $23.7 million), which is the most expensive NFT in Yuga Lab’s 22.

Moreover, the Otherdeed for Otherside NFT was bought in May for $1.57 million from n0b0dy. On April 30, “other deeds” were coined. There are 200,000 in total, half reserved for people who helped grow—the 625 ETH is $757,000 at today’s prices.

Mirandus is a Gala Games-powered NFT collection. It sold for $5.3 million in February. The gaming NFT is one of the collection’s approximately 8,000 NFTs that may be used to play and win prizes.