After 401 days’s Pacman reveals true identity as creator


  • “Pacman,” one of the builders of Blur, shared his photo with the public.
  • The exponential growth of the group led Pacman to give up his identity.
  • Recently, Blur’s NFT trading volume exceeded OpenSea’s.

While a newcomer to the NFT world, the zero-fee NFT marketplace,, has already eclipsed OpenSea, one of the industry titans.

Tieshun “Pacman” Roquerre, a co-founder of the Blur NFT marketplace, disclosed his identity and pertinent historical information in a post on Twitter on February 22, 2023.

The former pseudo-figurehead claimed that in “private calls to foster confidence,” he frequently revealed his identity. To support the claim, he mentioned Franklinisbored, the 6th-largest BAYC NFT holder.

Roquerre has claimed that the expanding Blur community restricts his ability to make “1.1” calls. Hence, he has chosen to share his web-based persona with his web-based avatar, with which most people are familiar through NFTs.

As for the co-founder, he had cherished the secrecy of staying pseudonymous during the first “401 days” of establishing Blur. Roquerre decided to finally make himself known to the world as the NFT industry had “expanded enormously.”

Blur has overtaken OpenSea with $500 million in NFTs exchanged in the last seven days. Blur urges NFT members to devote themselves to receiving more tokens. Users will have a better chance of getting higher token airdrops if they exclusively post their NFTs on the Blur platform. These actions are intended to keep the market ahead.

In a tweet, Pacman said his moniker is simpler to pronounce than my name. He will keep calling himself Pacman and making calls on my video channel. He is eager to continue developing Blur with the community to advance NFTs together.