Blur NFT Marketplace Awards $8.4M in Season 2 Airdrop


  • Trader “Hanwe” earns $8.4 million from Blur NFT marketplace’s Season 2 airdrop.
  • Hanwe’s wallet, hanwe.eth, initially received 22.85 million BLUR tokens valued at $7.3 million.
  • The value of BLUR tokens surged, reaching $0.37 each, according to CoinGecko.

Surprisingly, the Blur NFT marketplace has made headlines once again. Under the pseudonymous name Hanwe, one trader walked away with a staggering $8.4 million worth of airdropped BLUR tokens from Season 2. This windfall resulted from Hanwe’s active participation in various NFT-related activities, including bids, listings, and lending, throughout Season 2. 

Hanwe’s hanwe.eth wallet received a whopping 22.85 million BLUR tokens, a reward initially valued at around $7.3 million when claimed shortly after the conclusion of Blur’s Season 2. However, the token’s value has since surged, with Blur’s token price experiencing an 8% increase, reaching $0.37, according to CoinGecko.

Interestingly, Hanwe used the Ethereum Name Service to assign a human-readable name to their wallet, underscoring the rising trend of personalized NFT ownership. Hanwe received the largest share of rewards for Season 2, making this trader’s journey an impressive success story within the NFT space.

Blur, a marketplace gaining traction rapidly and even surpassed OpenSea in NFT trading volume, has announced its plans for Season 3. The forthcoming season is set to introduce a new Ethereum layer-2 network called Blast, backed by Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and other prominent investors. Blur’s Season 3 will be “powered” by Blast, promising an exciting future for the platform. To add to the anticipation, Blur’s community can look forward to a significant airdrop at the end of Season 3 in May 2024.

Blur will allocate 50% of the season’s rewards to those who deposit BLUR tokens into the platform in a shift from previous reward structures. This change aims to encourage more participation and engagement within the Blur ecosystem.

Blur’s Season 2 also saw some traders, like @ESK_NFT on Twitter, achieving remarkable results by turning a modest starting fund into substantial airdrops, exemplifying the platform’s potential for ambitious participants.

However, not all experiences were equally positive, as evidenced by notable trader Jeffrey Huang, also known as Machi Big Brother, who expressed his disappointment with his Season 2 haul. Despite the ups and downs, Blur’s growth and innovations in the NFT space continue to captivate the crypto community, and all eyes are now on the upcoming Season 3, powered by the promising Blast network.