Flare and Uppercent partner for E-learning NFT marketplace


  • An education-based marketplace powered by NFTs will be launched by Flare and Uppercent.
  • Exclusive courses by world’s top instructors will be offered.
  • Students and educators will be offered even more access to valuable learning unlike traditional learning.

Flare and Uppercent have come together for the release of an educational marketplace supported by non-fungible tokens. NFTs that will be issued on Flare will act as access passes, which will provide access to excellent online courses coached by world’s top 1% achievers. 

Uppercent allows members to purchase, sell as well as trade access passes to unique courses developed by the instructors of Uppercent. These instructors include popular business and mindset coaches, social media celebrities and Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. 

Lessons learned by the instructors throughout their journey to achieve the success they have today will be explained. Vocational skills like social media, entrepreneurship and mindset will be discussed. 

There will be certain phases for the platform release. The update regarding the first courses and instructors will begin in late March. Phase one will enable students to log in their accounts so as to register for future courses. 

Next in the line is the official platform release which will happen later this year when people could purchase and sell access passes to the courses on Uppercent. 

The access cost of traditional learning is quite expensive owing to the costly textbooks and single-user online courses. Uppercent aims to normalize learning and strives to develop a  secondary market for access passes. Also, Uppercent is redefining the concept of E-learning with a view to allow not only students but educators as well to get more value.

Hugo Philion, Co-Founder & CEO at Flare, expressed his excitement at being chosen by Uppercent in terms of powering Web3 functionality for the coming generation of edtech products. He added that they are looking forward to allowing the team at Uppercent to utilize Flare and exceed beyond UX and utility as far as the online education market is concerned. 

Jake Lee, Founder & CEO at Uppercent, said that they are pleased as Flare has partnered with them to bridge E-learning from Web2 to Web3 and reconstruct E-learning. The interoperability protocols of Flare, precisely the State Connector, will help greatly to create the very first E-learning secondary market.

Uppercent is driven to constitute a community that has people who are like minded when it comes to enhancing themselves and towards a marketplace that supports exchange of knowledge and access to courses. A free membership is being offered to those who join the Discord community of the project prior to its official launch.