ShapeShift launches open source mobile application, announces migrating legacy users


  • ShapeShift application is transforming into an effortless way to engage with all aspects of the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Currently, the new mobile application supports WalletConnect and ShapeShift Native wallet.
  • Other wallets like Portis and MetaMask will be supported after the launch.

ShapeShift DAO has announced native web users’ migration to a decentralized app version with the launch of a brand new mobile application. This will enable individuals to experience a legitimate DeFi universe from their location no matter where it is. 

ShapeShift aims to offer a single, consolidated platform collecting all protocols, all wallets and all chains. The recent mobile application support is mixed with ‘’’’ user migration and outgrows features, flexibility and mobility, i.e. everything that can be accessed by users while engaging with the decentralized world. ShapeShift also aims to consistently offer a crypto interface that can be easily used. 

Last year in July, ShapeShift transitioned into a DAO and ever since it is creating a new open source as well as a comprehensive way to interface with the decentralized universe incorporating increased options for managing, purchasing, investing and trading assets. Owing to the transition to a DAO, personal information of users has been permanently removed since   ShapeShift ends its centralized infrastructure and takes users into a new open source mobile and web app. Users are required to backup the 12-word secret recovery phrase to get back access to their ShapeShift native wallet.

Head of Decentralization for the Fox Foundation, Willy Ogorzaly, said that it is a great achievement in the journey of ShapeShift in moving towards overall decentralization. 

He continued to say that besides several enhancements and recent features, the new mobile application is completely open-source and blockchain data is the exclusive backend. The blockchain data is being worked on to decentralize with FOXChain. ShapeShift DAO strives to make the best possible interface to the decentralized universe. The addition of new protocols, wallets and chains, every week, are making the goal possible. However, it is important for the interface to be available on mobile as well besides being on the web.

Users get the best access to plenty of Web3 primitives and DeFi protocols due to the exclusive ability of the open source platform to accumulate protocols and DApps while packaging it into web and mobile experience. 

As of now, users can access the web app to link through one among the several supported wallets.

In June this year, ShapeShift joined Unstoppable Domains to replace crypto wallet addresses with NFT domains. Next month, i.e. in July, Today NFT News also reported, ShapeShift DAOs integration on WalletConnect.