Blur Market distributed Blur coins to their traders


  • The Blur token, worth $217 million, has been distributed to the traders.
  • Season 2 of Blur has started.
  • Blur has organized the sum of three airdrops.

Keungz has tweeted that he has received 610658.739770709 BLUR from their season 1 drop, and season 2 has started too. Blur, a growing NFT platform, held its expected BLUR coin airdrop this afternoon, and several of the best traders received more than $1 million in coins at their present value. Indeed, the best trader received more than $1.9 million in Ethereum-based governance coins.

The topmost claimants in the BLUR airdrop received almost 3.2 million BLUR coins, worth around $1.93 million at the market price of approximately $0.60 per coin. 

Well-known buyers and social networking celebrities in the Blur airdrop also included the anonymous Machi Big Brother received nearly 1.85 million BLUR, or $1.1 million worth; prominent Bored Ape Yacht Club buyer Franklin got 540K BLUR, or $326,000 worth.

Blur distributed 360 million BLUR tokens as part of the airdrop, giving the currency a present market valuation of about $217 million. It is a fairly minor portion of the entire BLUR production, which will reportedly total 3 billion BLUR after all tokens are distributed. So far, approximately 72% of the airdropped coins have been collected.

Blur first approached potential supporters with the goal of generating $15 million to $30 million. After the round was exceeded, the $700 million estimate was added. Blur’s projected native token debut on February 14 aligns with the release of the fundraising. The firm has staged three airdrops, but the coins require a long-term approach.