Mando moves BAYC & MAYC NFTs to Blur platform


  • The creator of Rektguy NFTs dropped his NFTs on Blur.
  • Mando stated that he has a hold of Yuga properties and utilities.
  • They have opted to profit from apes and mutants by taking advantage of current NFT liquidity.

The whale collector 0xC88 wallet dropped 71 BAYC, 11 MAYC, and 7 Azuki, plus hundreds of Otherside and Beanz NFTs on the Blur NFT platform. The Beanz NFTs sold for over $2000 apiece, while the price of Otherside NFTs has risen to over $3000. The Azuki sells for around $25,000, while the BAYC and MAYC each retail for $1,27,780.

There are now just 9 MAYC remaining in the digital wallet. Mando, the inventor of Rektguy, stated that he still owns a significant number of Yuga properties and has paid the full royalties. 

Mando tweeted that after much deliberation, they have chosen to take advantage of present NFT liquidity and benefit from our apes and mutants. They still possess a lot of Yuga assets and remain optimistic about what they are creating. This group transformed our lives. They paid the full amount of royalties. They will come shortly.

The Rektguy NFT project is a collection of Rektguy pictures. In the Rektguy NFT collection, the absolute maximum number of mints was 10,740. NFT fund manager and artist Ovie Faruq, also known as OSF in the NFT space, collaborated with artist Alien Queen to generate the Rektguy NFT collection.

Snoop Dogg and Cozomo de’ Medici both approved the initiative. Both have been actively pushing NFT projects since last year, and thus their support boosted Rektguy’s fame and worth immediately. In addition, numerous well-known NFT influencers have purchased the NFTs.