Bored Ape Whale Franklin Fat-fingers, makes another blunder of $95,000


  • Franklin, a well-known BAYC NFT collector, committed a new error by selling one of his gorillas.
  • On Twitter yesterday, BAYC Whale revealed his loss of 60.9 ETH ($95,000 at the time of writing).
  • Franklin, a BAYC whale, tweeted that he “fat-fingered” sold an Ape NFT for 9 ETH, but not all the details are now available.

Franklin, a top BAYC NFT collector, made another mistake by selling one of his apes. The BAYC Whale announced his loss of 60.9 ETH ($95,000 at the time of writing) on Twitter yesterday in a thread outlining his prior flips and losses. NFTs are here to amuse, bear market or not.

BAYC whale Franklin tweeted that he “fat-finger” sold an Ape NFT for 9 ETH, however not all the information is yet public. On OpenSea, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT has a floor price of 70 ETH. The NFT whale then bought another Bored Ape for 69.9 ETH before going back into the market. Franklin suffered a comfortable loss of roughly 60.9 ETH as a result of this setback. 

The Ape Franklin offered for sale was BAYC #7303, a dark brown Ape wearing a tee with Navy stripes and a World War II helmet. Even the rare Bored unshaven party horn trait is present in Ape #7303.

Franklin also purchased Ape #2368 at a “Fat-finger” discount of 0.1 ETH. Ape #2368, available from NFT Dealer Fancy, also has a navy-striped t-shirt. Following the Bored Ape flipping incident, Franklin also shared his experiences on the Twitter thread. He claimed to have bought an ape for 70 ETH in the past and sold another ape for 80.2 ETH. He received 10.2 ETH for the action. He also bought Ape #8232 to sell later on.

Franklin seemed unaffected by the demand, although the severe loss of 60.9 ETH would devastate the careers and lives of typical NFT applicants. After all, he had already sold a Bored Ape NFT at a significant loss. These risky trades also act as a teaching tool for aspiring NFT traders. Overall, the NFT industry is conducting itself as normal.

Franklin is now the sixth-largest Bored Ape collector with over 60 BAYC NFTs in his collection. Franklin sold his y00ts NFT just a few hours after the y00ts mint event was postponed because of a blocker bug.