Another offer fails to bother ApeCoin (APE)


  • Rarible came forward to supply the ApeDAO with an opportunity of obtaining an APE-based NFT platform.
  • ApeCoin has shown an unbothered reaction to the offer.
  • There’s no improvement in APE’s on-chain metrics.

During the last few weeks, it’s all about offers for ApeCoin.  Now one more offer has been made for the Ape Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

This time, Rarible has offered the ApeDAO a chance to acquire an APE-supported NFT platform at a 0% transaction fee.  

Similar to MagicEden, Rarible too was interested in hosting the marketplace on 

Rarible was all set to enable Ethereum, which, as of now, is hosting the non-fungible tokens on the marketplace. According to the hopes of the platform, APE usage would increase with the development of the marketplace. It also shared that both buyers and sellers would grow if ETH transactions are left on the platform. 

However, once again, APE is not concerned about the offer. 

ApeCoin had plunged double-digits during the press time, with a decrease of 14.33% in the past 24 hours.

BAYC hasn’t reacted in a positive way as well. 

The collection has fallen 12.30% in sales volume in the last 24 hours; thereby, leaving the volume at $2.5 million. Still, it succeeded in maintaining the top position in terms of NFT rankings. 

According to data, ApeCoin’s NFT volume in the $100,000 range fell as compared to the previous day. On August 17, it was up $927,000; however, on August 18, it fell to 687,000. 

A 132% uptick in APE volume has occurred during the last 24 hours. Looks like APE investors need to wait before a price uptick takes place. The reason being, bearish signals were unveiled by the four-hour APE/USDT chart. 

The 50-day EMA (mentioned in yellow) held its position above the 20 EMA ( mentioned in blue). Bearish momentum was indicated by the RSI at 22.49, which is way too low.

Source: TradingView

Though ApeCoinDAO did not respond to the proposal, comments from the community have been received.