Australia to serve as the ideal test location: Says SHIB Lead Developer


  • After going live on the Apple App Store and having intentions to publish on the Google Play Store, the Shiba Eternity game has now been released in Australia.
  • Australia may be the “last test location” for the SHIBA Eternity Game, said the lead developer.
  • The lead developer for SHIB also mentioned the chance of SHIB completing the game.

Australia might be the final test venue for the SHIB CCG game, Shiba Eternity, according to lead developer Shytoshi Kusama of Shiba Inu. The Shiba Eternity game, as reported by U.Today, has officially launched in Australia after going live on the Apple App Store, with intentions for the Google Play Store still in the works.

Australian users now have the chance to take part in the early testing as well as bug reporting of Shiba Eternity in addition to Vietnamese users. As per U.Today, the SHIB CCG game saw success during testing in Vietnam, where the development team was forced to 50 times boost the capacity of the game servers due to greater-than-anticipated demand.

In response to users’ pleas for the SHIB CCG to be tested in their nation, Shytoshi Kusama said that the upcoming event might be the “download day.”

One user said Shiba Eternity is causing a lot of excitement in the Turkish community. When will they be able to access the App Store and download it? Kusama answered, Soon. The entire world follows. Let’s demonstrate our strength to these shadowcats. They have stated that this is their final test location, and they are on time. This time next year is really, really soon.

The lead developer for Shiba Inu also mentioned the potential for SHIB burns throughout the game, and he promised to give more information about it. “Just before the download day, he will go into further detail. There will be a LOT to talk about because this is much more than a game.

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