Shytoshi Kusama says that ShibaEternity is not just a blockchain game.


  • Shytoshi Kusama responds to tweets of people wanting nothing to do with Shiba Eternity.
  • Users said it was a “planet-burning scam” and asked the founder to scam somewhere else.
  • Shiba Eternity is already popular in Vietnam.

The lead developer for Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, responds to rumors over Twitter on Shiba Eternity. Over his official Twitter account, Kusama has been acknowledging the tweets of random individuals who have nothing to do with Shiba Eternity and SHIB’s blockchain game with a pettable dog in it.

One of the users even also mentioned it as a “planet-burning scam” and asked the SHIB founder to try this scam somewhere else.

All of these allegations and claims were responded to in his tweet on August 16, mentioning that  those were “sad responses from someone that is ill-informed.”  Adding further to his statement, he explained that “Shiba Eternity is for the app stores and not our blockchain game.” Also, he reminded the users that Shib Eternity is not a meme.

On the other hand, William Volk, top director of Shiba Inu Games, revealed that Shiba Eternity is already popular and seeing great demand in Vietnam. The game is so admired that the developing team now had to increase the capacity of gameplay servers fifty-fold due to the higher and unexpected popular demand.

One reason for the increase in demand and popularity of the game in Vietnam is most likely due to the fact that Vietnamese iOS users have a chance to participate in the initial testing of Shiba Eternity. 

The majority of these users then took to social platforms, where they also posted videos of themselves trying out the card- base battle game.  

Shiba Eternity was created in collaboration with Melbourne, Australia-based game developer PlaySide Studios. Shiba Inu Games is one of the leading Australian gaming companies, which is also known for games like Area 51 and Animal Warfare, and joined forces with PlaySide Studios in early December.