Axie Infinity announces limited-edition NFT accessories for Christmas


  • This Christmas, Axies is releasing their new NFT accessories.
  • There will be 20 different varieties, each with a different rarity.
  • People who launch an Axie between now and January 3 will get a single accessory.

Axie Infinity tweeted on December 20, 2022, about the release of Axies and accessories this holiday season. 

Axies is extremely important in the Axie Infinity game. The majority of players develop deep ties with these monsters. The game’s goal is to increase the power of customization, which is why various accessories are being released. Furthermore, avatar alterations will go beyond simply changing a few bodily components.

This Christmas, Axie Infinity has introduced limited-edition avatar items. The accessories are part of the previously announced Axie Core. The company even created a cinematic video to show players what to expect from accessories. These items will be sent to their customers until the beginning of 2023.

Gamers can now change their avatars into previously unseen characters. Customization will be available. The newly released goods come in 20 different varieties, each with a unique rarity rating.

According to their tweet, Axies are more than just a game to them since they have a profound bond. Accessories allow players to define themselves via their absolute favorite creatures. 

Gamers must launch an Axie between December 20, 2022, and January 3, 2023, to receive an attachment. The user will receive an item for every avatar that the company launches. It means that releasing 100 Axies would give consumers 100 accessories. Customers who unleash an Axie from January 3rd will receive one accessory.

The release of Axie Infinity Accessories marks a watershed point in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Individuals can now express themselves more freely through their favorite avatars. Further, Axie Core desires to create an environment where everyone can be themselves, which is exemplified by the launch.

According to recent reports, Mystic, Axies’ flight suits will soon become items. Massive Axies designs will also be reintroduced by Axie Infinity. The graphics for Goda, Turtle Buoy Yen, and Trump have also been updated.

In the meantime, players must be advised that releasing Axie results in an irreversible loss. As a solution, the Axie Infinity team is working on accessories to cover the cost of people’s belongings.