OpenSea launches Solana Launchpad, a hosted service exclusively for creators


  • Creators can have a look at all NFT pre-mint events, supporter licenses and community.
  • Solana NFTs of users will appear on OpenSea as well as enable users to custody their NFTs.
  • OpenSea aims to create the best Solana experience.

Solana evolved as one of the top blockchains for NFTs in the last year. Sharing the same vision as Solana, OpenSea is beginning its Solana launchpad. 

From now on, creators can host a new mint from starting till ending on OpenSea. They will be assisted in navigating all the pre-mint activity, allowlisting minting for community & supporters along with all post-mint as well as secondary sales. 

The program will begin with two Solana creators- Zoonies and Monkai.

Zoonies refer to cute, mutant aliens that belong to developed civilization and live on the planet Zoon. They resided on their planet alone for thousands of years and recently allowed humans to visit. 

Zoonies utility contains 2D metaverse, a playable arcade and more. From July 20, a total of 8,888 Zoonies will be available on OpenSea.

Monkai refers to a narrative-based NFT project that drives community building, innovative utility as well as an epic gaming metaverse. A Monkai NFT allows participation in the making of the Monkai anime narrative along with accessing utility through the Monkai DAO. 

On July 26, collection 1 will be available on OpenSea.

Creators can launch a Solana collection and feature on OpenSea. To make it happen, OpenSea will show Metaplex Certified Collections and the most known Solana Candy Machine programs. 

As soon as minting starts, creators can find as well as share collection links with their community.

Certain NFTs require giving up the NFT custody to be listed for sale. What this means is that it is not in oneโ€™s wallet and is inaccessible in an escrow process. This is a common possibility with Solana; however, OpenSea will neither hold nor escrow the NFTs. Hence, they will be safe in the wallet until they are sold or transferred. 

Previously, Today NFT News reported that Solana NFTs are now available on and for the first month, the trading fee will be 0%.