Axie Infinity player count is down by 74%


  • Axie Infinity’s active players’ count falls down.
  • There is a 74% decrease in the number of players.
  • At one time Axie Infinity was the world’s top game with the largest player base.

Popular NFT game, Axie Infinity’s player count falls down to January 2021 levels. According to the game statistics site Activeplayer, the average number of daily players on Axie Infinity is 701,447. These numbers were not seen in the past 10 months.

The play-to-earn gaming platform lost around 1.2 million players in June 2022. The value of Axie Infinity’s token SLP has also fallen by 94%.

However, the year 2022 started with Axie Infinity’s monthly average player count hitting 2.78 million. This was before the crypto winter began.

One year back Axie Infinity reported over 1 million daily active users. Players from developing nations were reporting huge earnings from Axie Infinity. Countries like the Philippines had to impose taxes on Axie Infinity earnings.

Axie Infinity’s token SLP supply also went from 2.4 billion to 40 billion during that time. It was the time when the pandemic forced people inside their homes. NFT gaming platforms like Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and others saw a tremendous increase in player count.

At one time in November 2021, over 2 million Axies were traded on marketplaces. The sale amounted to 140,956.7 ETH. However, in the past month, only 140,956.7 ETH are sold.

The drop in the sales and player count is majorly due to bearish crypto and cold NFT markets. NFTs sales are down by 98% since January 2022. Also, the recent Ronin Bridge hack that amounts to $600 million from the Axie Infinity platform is a reason for the drop.