Barbie & Boss Beauties come together for a new NFT collection


  • Boss Beauties and Barbie have come together to inspire women and girls around the globe to aim big.
  • The 15,000-piece Barbie x Boss Beauties NFT launch will mark the celebration of women professionals and encourage young girls to dream big.
  • Collectors can mint one among the 250 professions that have been occupied by Barbie dolls over the decades.

For the second time, the Boss Beauties NFT community is joining Barbie. Celebrating Barbie’s representation of 250 careers since 1959, the brand has collaborated with the women empowerment-based non-fungible tokens brand. 

A total of 15,000 Barbie NFT portraits will be launched. Each NFT will display the nostalgic look of Barbie combined with the signature style of Boss Beauties. 

The drop has been created with a very clear goal in mind to show girls that they can be anything they want be it an astronaut, chef, scientist, football player or any other profession. 

The collection will be available on the website of Mattel Creations later this year. 

Lisa Mayer, Boss Beauties co-founder and CEO, said: 

As a young girl that grew up playing with Barbie, it is a special honor to work together now as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Additionally, she said that she never thought there will come a day when she will not only start a company but will partner with Barbie to inspire girls across the world. 

Boss Beauties will organize virtual mentorship sessions for girls who are keen to hear from women professionals from different industries. Some of the speakers are Julia Landauer, NASCAR driver and Haile Thomas, an international speaker, wellness activist and writer. 

Both Boss Beauties and Barbie will together donate $250,000. Half of the amount will go to Barbie’s Dream Gap Project and the remaining half will go to the Boss Beauties Foundation.

Boss Beauties’ extended collaboration with Barbie shows that the former is dedicatedly focused on raising its brand as well as leveling up its IP. 

Boss Beauties is also working on an important mint event for “Super Boss Beauties,” which will allow users of Boss Beauties NFTs to combine with unique “Power Gems” and establish new superhero-based portraits.

Coming to Barbie, in January, it partnered with Balmain for a 1-of-1 NFT drop. After three months, it disclosed its very first partnership with Boss Beauties. Proceeds from the drop were given to the Barbie Dream Gap Project.