Kukdukoo Art Festival launches NFT platform for kids


  • An NFT platform for kids to showcase their talents will be launched during the Kukdukoo Art Festival.
  • On the STEM Metaverse portal, children can upload and sell their NFT to receive token virtual currency that can be used to purchase educational supplies, programs, and content.
  • With each upload, kids will get a DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset Kit.

At the Kukdukoo Art Festival, an NFT platform for kids to display their abilities will be unveiled. Kids can post their artwork with total confidentiality on an in-house, blockchain-enabled NFT platform developed by STEM Metaverse, an end-to-end experiential learning platform for children. They assert that this is the first NFT venue for young people to display their abilities. The Noida Stadium will host the Kukdukoo Art Festival on November 12 and 13, 2022.

The Kukdukoo art festival is a two-day family event that encourages kids and parents to experience a get-together with artists, educators, visual and art performances, and entertaining shows. It was designed to captivate youngsters with interactive activities and special events.

Kids can upload and sell their NFT to earn token virtual currency that can be exchanged for educational goods, courses, and content on the STEM Metaverse platform by visiting Stall DIY – 8 where STEM Metaverse will be launching the NFT platform

Children will receive a DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset Kit with every upload. Additionally, the company will have a VR/AR experience area at the booth where #ArtONTheCloud will be displayed.

The metaverse environment can solve the issues encountered in the application domains for STEM education, such as time limits, integration, and a large number of students. The metaverse environment is interwoven with STEM education’s technological component. By fusing a transdisciplinary topic with science, engineering, and math instruction, STEM education can be used in the metaverse. With the help of student and instructor avatars, lessons that are integrated into the Metaverse’s “world” can be made real.

According to Ritika Kumar, co-founder of STEM Metaverse, children frequently possess exceptional talent, but very few people are aware of this. Giving kids a place to express themselves and share their work in a safe atmosphere that is specifically created for kids was the main motivation for the creation of the NFT platform for kids. It can be expensive for children to upload the artwork to popular NFT platforms like Opensea and earn money through cryptocurrency

As a result, the STEM metaverse NFT platform provides a Copa-compliant, highly secure blockchain-enabled environment without asking the child for personal information like their phone number or email address.