BAYC NFT owner to launch a real-world Yacht Club


  • Comair hopes enhancing the profile of yachting, which will lead to disruptive technologies in the industry.
  • The boats can work in international waters that are outside the land-based rules.
  • The approach is to launch an NFT-gated yacht club that’s based on a real Bored Ape

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has many Bored Apes with a disinterested face with a total number of 10,000 Apes in the NFT form; however, there’s a doubtful lack of boating opportunities. Now, a Bored Ape NFT owner who is also a yacht owner is set to launch a decentralized yachting club.

The Bored Yachts Club is planning to establish a decentralized, NFT-gated yachting platform to allow members to rent real vessels worldwide and the funds raised will be donated to a charity. It will commence with “Lady Amanda;” however, the aim is to attract more yacht owners alongside allowing them to donate funds to causes they want to support. 

Melanion Capital is a French investment company founded by Comair. In 2021, the company launched a Bitcoin-inspired ETF or exchange-traded fund dedicated to crypto industry companies. 

Being an art collector, Comair got attracted to NFTs and was inclined towards BAYC as a type of digital identity with business possibilities. He used his broad license (given by BAYC) to style his Ape like a real yacht’s fictional captain and mascot. 

According to him, Ape #634 or John Blackeye as referred by him, will delight the NFT enthusiasts to purchase his Bored Yachts Club, which is supposed to have an NFT drop later in 2022. 

Bored Yachts Club and Yuga Labs are not officially connected; thus, participants need not hold a Bored Ape to purchase or utilize any of the NFT membership passes.  

Lady Amanda is a 30-meter-long vessel that has water toys and sails the Mediterranean. Members belonging to the forthcoming NFT club can place bids on rental windows and the funds raised will be donated to a charity, which will be chosen by the owner of the yacht. The community can also decide how to donate the funds to causes.

Comair hopes that the platform will pull more yacht owners, which will not only help to fill the empty charter windows (when the boat won’t be on rent) but also support charities.