Crypto Twitter Unhappy with Madonna & Beeple’s Latest Released NFT


  • Madonna and Beeple collaborate to create an NFT depicting creation & motherhood through visuals.
  • The 3 NFTs are entitled as- Mother of Nature, Mother of Evolution and Mother of Technology.
  • SuperRare will auction all the three NFT works.

Entertainment, sexuality and business have always helped Madonna make the world go gaga over her. As a cultural icon, she has always enjoyed the stardom of being an influential pop artist. Not exactly equal to her but to an extent like her in terms of gaining sudden fame is Beeple who caught massive attention of the general public through his $69 million NFT sale, last year. And when the queen who’s ruling for almost 40 years joins an artist like Beeple, things can’t be taken lightly.

Though expectations were sensing something powerful, the reality looks opposite. Madonna is facing heavy criticism from the crypto community owing to her and Beeple’s latest collection of sexually graphic NFTs that shows the singer giving birth to robotic centipedes, trees and butterflies. The controversial video clips display close-up shots of her genitalia created using scans of her body.

Defending the NFTs, Madonna tweeted, “[We] give birth to an urban, burned-out, post-apocalyptic masterpiece!”

In her statement, Madonna said:

I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity. Most importantly, we wanted to use this opportunity to benefit mothers and children who are most in need right now.

Funds raised from the NFT sales will be donated to three nonprofits—the Voices of Children Foundation, The City of Joy, and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

The auction is live on SuperRare and announcement about the same was made by the NFT platform in a Twitter post:

Despite the cause being for good, backlash on social media is unstoppable. Rage among the audience is clearly visible in the type of language being and is inappropriate to be published here.