Dookey Dash key winner announces selling it for $1.6 million


  • Kyle Jackson, who is popularly known as Mongraal, sold his winning Dookey Dash key on February 27 for 1,000 ETH.
  • Previously, Mongraal listed the pass on OpenSea at 2,222 ETH and rejected smaller yet notable offers from 9GAG and the United Planets DAO.
  • Royalties to Yuga Labs will be paid in full as said by Mongraal.

An exclusive non-fungible token tied to the Dookey Dash game has been sold for $1.6 million, as shared on February 27 by its original owner.

Faze Mongraal, a Twitch streamer, tweeted about selling the item to Adam Weistman, a metal recycler as well as crypto mining entrepreneur, for 1,000 ETH, or $1.6 million.

The one-of-one “golden key” was won upon scoring the highest score on Dookey Dash. Pass holders of the game can utilize their pass so as to collect their “Power Source” on March 8.

On February 16, Mongraal was given the key after he achieved a high score in the game. Initially, he thought of selling the item for $3.7 million; however, he didn’t get any bids at that level. 

On February 25, an offer of 690 ETH was among the higher bids and was made by United Planets DAO. Though Mongraal urged the group to double the bid, the request was refused. Later, 9GAG, the social video site, placed a bid of 999 WETH.Dookey Dash is a skill-oriented game tied to the BAYC collection and was available to owners of a Sewer Pass NFT, available to be owned absolutely free by members of BAYC and MAYC. The NFT, which is known as #21915, is listed on OpenSea.