Google Unveils New NFT Game Ad Policies, Set for September 2023 Launch


  • Google is set to introduce new advertising guidelines on September 15, 2023.
  • The policy update serves as a significant development for blockchain game developers and advertisers using NFTs in their games.
  • Advertisers can promote NFT games if they adhere to specific criteria and avoid content related to gambling.

Google, the global tech behemoth, is set to revamp its advertising policies. Come September 15, 2023, the tech titan will roll out fresh guidelines for blockchain-based games featuring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This shift is a beacon for blockchain game developers and advertisers who integrate NFTs into their game dynamics.

This September revision follows an initial announcement made in August 2023. The spotlight is on the promotion of NFT ads. Advertisers can now showcase these NFT games, provided they stick to specific ad criteria and steer clear of gambling-related content.

The updated policy paves the way for promoting NFT game-related products and services. It encompasses the marketing of in-game items. Think virtual attire for avatars, enhanced weaponry, or armor that elevates the player’s experience.

However, it’s vital to underline the existing constraints. Google will stand firm on its stance against game ads that dangle the carrot of wagering or staking NFTs for winning other cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Simulated casino games rewarding NFTs and ads pushing NFT-linked “real money gambling” will remain off-limits.

Google’s trajectory in cryptocurrency advertising has seen twists and turns. Rewind to 2018, and the company put a blanket ban on all crypto-related ads. The reason? Protecting consumers from potential pitfalls. Scott Spencer, the director of sustainable ads at Google, underscored the need for prudence back then.

Fast forward to 2021, and the winds changed direction. Google eased its grip, green-lighting ads from “cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets” targeting the US market. The only catch was a mandatory registration with the US FinCEN or a federal bank entity.

This latest easing of restrictions mirrors the surging wave of NFT gaming. The esports realm is witnessing a surge of capital, unlocking avenues previously uncharted.

Under this revamped policy, NFT gaming advertisers must toe the line with Google’s Gambling and games policy. They must also secure the essential Google Ads certification. A word to the wise for advertisers: stay in sync with local laws of the regions you aim to target.

This policy casts its net globally, covering all accounts pushing NFT-related gaming ads. Google won’t shy away from pulling up advertisers flouting the rules. Offenders will get a week’s notice to set things right. Non-compliance could lead to account freezes.