I think you’ll see NFTs back again: Katie Haun


  • Bloomberg recently tweeted, “I suspect you’ll see NFTs back again.”
  • Katie Haun explains to @emilychangtv why she still believes that NFTs are the future.
  • It is hardly surprising that Katie Haun strongly supports non-fungible tokens.

The formidable crypto practice of Andreessen Horowitz is co-led by a former federal prosecutor who had studied the subject since at least 2018 when a16z initially financed the now-valuable Dapper Labs. At the time, the Vancouver-based Dapper Labs company was well-known for its puzzle-like CryptoKitties collectible digital cat game.

Haun said Thursday night at a StrictlyVC event this editor hosted that even though NBA Top Shot, another offering on Dapper’s blockchain that enables sports fans to buy and sell collectible highlight clips, helped the company gain notoriety this year, it is only a small use case in the overall scheme of things.

She dispelled the notion that a relatively limited number of producers relied on NFTs for income and explained why she thinks the relatively concentrated user base of NFTs is set to burst throughout our lengthy conversation.

She also asked if all venture firms would or should become registered investment advisers like a16z. This innovation was launched by a16z and allows the heavyweight firm to receive a 20% discount on the tokens that currently account for 75% of its cryptocurrency bets. In my opinion, Kathleen Haun NFTs will significantly alter the internet’s financial paradigm for both users and content producers.

Why is it crucial for customers? What if the “Fortnite” game fails after you purchase a skin? You can utilize your products anyplace if you’re a player and transport them to another platform. That has a lot of power over customers. It directly returns control to the people’s hands. If an artist records a song on Spotify, it’s possible for him/her to make a smart contract NFT granting their fans exclusive rights or access to their future performances, or the opportunity to tour with them, or even future royalties streams.