Logan Paul employed “criminals” to develop crypto zoo NFT project


  • Journalist Coffeezilla from Youtube accused Logan Paul of engaging in dishonest behavior.
  • Logan denied every accusation in his latest YouTube video.
  • Coffeezilla published two additional movies describing Logan Paul’s “scams.”

In a video series published over the last week, Youtube journalist Coffeezilla blamed Youtuber and boxer Logan Paul for employing corrupt procedures with his NFT project “Crypto Zoo.” The video is related to Logan Paul’s “greatest fraud,” which caused movement in the cryptocurrency society as Coffeezilla revealed the play-2-earn gaming fraud.

According to Logan Paul’s unit, they did not fund $1 million in developing the game but rather that they only got the code from Flokishibx and passed it off as their own. Coffeezilla mentioned how investors lost millions through fraud. Logan Paul replied to coffeezilla’s claims on Wednesday by posting a video titled “My Response To Coffeezilla’s Scam Allegations.”

Logan refused each and every indictment, arguing that the Crypto Zoo was started by a unit of fraud artists and offenders that he “unknowingly” hired. After talking with developer “Z,” he continued to explain the claims made by Coffeezilla. 

The influencer revealed that “Z” is actually Zack Kelling, who was formerly imprisoned for hiring in deceitful manners. Logan explained that, contrary to Z’s statement in the Coffeezilla video, the Crypto Zoo group solely included three engineers.

Logan admitted that Coffeezilla did not fact-check “Z” on the objective in charge to deliver his fake report. In addition, he argued that Coffeezilla releases his films with “Clouded Judgment” because of an addiction to clicks.