Mark Zuckerberg is under-qualified to oversee the metaverse, says Grimes


  • Grimes said that the metaverse will be dead if Zuckerberg runs it.
  • She also slammed the image of his metaverse avatar.
  • Besides Grimes, several others also mocked the avatar.

Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to create a metaverse have been rejected by Grimes on the grounds of him being under-qualified, according to her. 

Discussing the same, she updated a post on Twitter. 

Sharing a picture of Zuckerberg’s metaverse avatar, she said that the image quality shows his lack of skills to create an alternate reality. She also said that indie games look better.  

She said so in response to a latest report  from ‘The Independent ‘ that featured  Zuckerberg as a guest on the latest show of Joe Rogan. 

On the show, Zuckerberg talked on a number of subjects while discussing the potential of the metaverse, talking about his hobbies, disclosing how he doesn’t have time for social media and more. 

He also talked about bot accounts as well as social media’s controversial content, explaining his beliefs that there weren’t the possibilities of perfect artificial intelligence systems.

Zuckerberg released his new avatar in the beginning of the week, as the earlier version was widely mocked and called creepy and dead-eyed.