NFT scammer 3PECEART’s new scam! Fooled 6529 team this time


  • Scammer @3PECEART duped the 6529 team to get included in @6529Collections.
  • 3PECEART has a history of doing scams by changing usernames and lying about NFTs.
  • The scammer account has been making profits in the NFT space for years.

NFT scammer @3PEACEART recently trapped the 6529 team to add them to @6529Collections. It’s not the first time they have engaged in scams, as previously also, they have done scam activities by changing their Twitter handle multiple times. 

Among all the changed usernames, one account @jesahatto scammed more than $1 million during the past few months to promote “limited” NFT 0xCrystals.

Now the team at 6529 has addressed the situation alongside planning to move ahead. The team shared not being happy about card #100 was @3PEACEART instead of @6529er. Initially, the thought was to change the mint. 

It seems as if @3PEACEART is known for its misleading behavior in the world of NFTs. They do so by telling individuals that mints were free when they were 0.25ETH and using Punk PFPs they don’t even own. Other activities they do include fake giveaways, changing accounts, engagement baits and blocking people who call them out.  

When asked about this, @3PEACEART didn’t seem convincing. As a result, the planned decision is to replace it with a @6529er card. For those who are not interested in a low edition@6529er card), 6529 team will park a buy wall at 2x mint.

Meanwhile, airdropping Card 101 to owners of Card 100 has “timing issues” concerns.  

It is highly expected that the account name will change again, which might push everyone to block @3PEACEART. The new @6529er card will take some time, as work needs to be done on it. Users must bid in for 50 of Card #100 at 0.135ETH. This will remain until changes are made.