NFT Worlds to make its own game after Minecraft bans NFTs


  • NFT Worlds calls Mojang’s new policy lacking regard for builders, creators and players.
  • NFT Worlds has announced making a better and enhanced Minecraft than the current Minecraft .
  • It will create its own game with modernization and development that was missed by Minecraft.

Mojang Studios sent everyone in a state of shock with its decision of saying no to implementing blockchain and NFTs

NFT Worlds uses Minecraft as well as its open-source ecosystem; however, Mojang’s new policy has made the former issue a statement. 

According to the statement, NFT Worlds has called Mojang and Minecraft lacking regard for builders, creators and players. The gaming platform has further pledged to create its own game. 

In a statement, NFT Worlds said:

We’re creating a new game and platform based on many of the core mechanics of Minecraft, but with the modernization and active development Minecraft has been missing for years.

Additionally, it said that this is in no way a rewrite of Minecraft’s open source clone and is completely from the ground up. The transition will feature a player-friendly public facing brand identity change. 

NFT World’s new move was also shared by PC Gamer through a tweet.

The new game will come with a look and feel similar to Minecraft; however, it will have graphical enhancements, performance optimizations and new mechanics for an accessible, personal and enjoyable experience.

The game will be free for every player as well as untethered from the policy enforcement that is there on Minecraft from Microsoft and Mojang. Furthermore, it will be compatible with current server plugins of Minecraft, which will allow content creators to switch platforms without chaos.

In the coming time, NFT Worlds has planned changes to its launcher and play pages with an aim to attract new players who are not fond of cryptocurrency. 

It also shared that a free, open and improved version of Minecraft will delight developers, creators and gamers. 

NFT Worlds strives  for an economy that is owned and operated by the players and wherein, each participant benefits from the contribution they add to the ecosystem.