Nike Teases Game-Changing Collaboration: NFTs Coming to Fortnite


  • Nike hints at launching NFTs in Fortnite, opening doors for Web3 adoption.
  • Nike’s collaboration with Fortnite could bring NFTs to millions of gamers.
  • Nike and Epic Games partnership in Fortnite signals NFT integration possibilities.

Sportswear giant Nike, the world’s leading manufacturer of athletic footwear and gear, has recently dropped tantalizing hints about the possibility of launching a line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the immensely popular online game Fortnite. With over 242.9 million active players in the past month alone, this strategic move could present a remarkable opportunity for conventional gamers to embrace the world of Web3.

On June 16, Nike took to its social media platforms to make a captivating announcement about the forthcoming “ultimate Sneakerhunt,” set to commence on June 20. The accompanying video backdrop showcased a sky adorned with billowing clouds, prominently featuring the logos of both Fortnite and Nike.

The video then transitioned to reveal the name of the shoe hunt, aptly titled “Airphoria,” along with the Nike logo for the web3 platform. Notably, the recognizable SWOOSH symbol was accompanied by the Unreal Engine logo from Epic Games, further fueling speculation.

While details remain scarce, fervent NFT enthusiasts have speculated that Nike may have developed a game centered around NFTs using Fortnite Creative 2.0. This latest version of Fortnite’s Creative mode empowers players to craft their own islands within the game, repurposing a variety of Fortnite materials.

A user, @clone_news_cn, reflected on the recent launch of Fortnite Creative 2.0, drawing parallels with the robust self-building map mode found in popular gaming platform ROBLOX. Speculation suggests that Nike may have utilized this framework to create their game, although it should be noted that a Nike game for ROBLOX was released two years ago, lacking integration with NFTs.

While an official announcement regarding the inclusion of NFTs in Airphoria has not yet been made, the active involvement of the iconic SWOOSH symbol, coupled with Epic Games’ generally positive stance on NFT gaming, strongly suggests that this collaboration will feature NFTs. Nike’s NFT division has recently been making noteworthy strides to enter the realm of conventional gaming, and partnering with Fortnite would undoubtedly be a significant leap in that direction.

The fusion of Nike’s brand prowess and NFT technology within the immersive world of Fortnite has the potential to revolutionize the gaming landscape. This groundbreaking partnership could foster a new wave of Web3 adoption, enticing a vast community of Fortnite players to delve into the realm of digital collectibles and blockchain-based ownership.

As Nike continues to explore innovative avenues to engage with its audience, the forthcoming Airphoria release stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending the worlds of fashion, gaming, and digital innovation.

In the weeks to come, enthusiasts and gamers alike eagerly anticipate further details from Nike, hoping for an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates the iconic brand with the exciting world of NFTs in Fortnite.