Otherside Metaverse demo receives a warm reception from 4,500 participants


  • Otherside’s First Trip was a major hit with 4500 voyagers in the giant, immersive space.
  • Yuga Labs released a litepaper featuring principles of the Otherside and strategy of further proceeding of the project.
  • During the early testing, only Otherdeed owners and third-party developers accessed Otherside.

The ‘First Trip’ tech demo of the Otherside Metaverse project has around 4,500 folks in it. Otherside conducted First Trip Tech demo on July 16, which was open for all the Otherdeed NFT land owners. 

These 4,500 voyagers initially joined a blank digital lobby prior to following a giant Bored Ape via a colorful platform in the Otherside metaverse. Upon arriving in Biogenic Swamp, a location, they moved towards a centrally placed stadium to test the avatar dynamics like jumping, dancing, running and emojis.

From the stadium, they explored certain other specific areas and interacted with the environment, which had huge creatures attacking the voyagers who approached very close.

Yuga Labs, during the project’s initial testing phases, stated that Otherside was possible to be accessed exclusively by the Otherdeed owners and third-party developers. These voyagers can share their valuable feedback and important aspects like in-game building tools and software development kits. 

After a short duration of the trip being live, a litepaper was released by Yuga Labs sharing a brief about the principles supporting the Otherside as well as how the project will proceed further. Though there will be a total of 3 phases, only one among them has been outlined as of now. 

An 11-part storyline game mode based on a mysterious Obelisk will be featured in the first phase. The game mode will enable users to explore what to buy, craft, harvest, trade and sell in the game. 

According to the litepaper, chief capabilities of the platform are largely based on the voyagers via events, playtesting opportunities and as co-developers of Otherside Development Kits.

Yuga Labs shared that community-first, authentic asset possession and interoperability form the concept behind designing the platform. Plans of including incentives and support like experience, education and leadership from associated entities are also expected.  

For the one who were a part of the First Trip or watched the livestream, their participation has been recorded.