Pacman the Jack Russell: Manny Pacquiao’s NFT Project & Tribute to His Late Dog


  • The Pacman collection will consist of 9,999 algorithmically generated NFTs.
  • The NFTs are divided into three tiers based on their rarity and skill level.
  • The NFTs are scheduled for minting on July 15.

 Manny Pacquiao, boxing legend and Senator of the Philippines, has announced ‘Pacman the Jack Russell’ NFT collection; thereby, entering the NFT ring. The announcement was made on his Instagram. Sharing a photo of the boxer NFT, he wrote:

I am excited to unveil the first NFT of my “Pacman the Jack Russell” collection #Pacmanthejackrusselseries.


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The digital artwork ‘Pacman the Jack Russell’ is in the memory of his beloved dog, Pacman, who he adopted in 2014. Pacman passed away in 2020 when he was accidentally run over by a car.

The NFT collection has 9,999 unique Boxer NFTs that have been created algorithmically from over 200 hand-drawn and distinct attributes. Each NFT symbolizes visual characteristics and skill based features including strength and stamina.

All ‘Boxers’ in the NFT collection belong to one of the three tiers. The boxers will compete with each other from the same tier for belts, crypto rewards and honors. Holding assets from each tier will unlock digital and physical perks.

Real world utilities like signed merchandise, event tickets, and exclusive access to very special occasions, will be given twice a year.

The three tiers include:

1. Tier3 will have 7000 NFTs of rookie boxers with basic common attributes. Whoever collects ‘eight Tier3 NFTs’ will get a chance to get merchandise signed by Manny Pacquiao and the merchandise will be sent to any international address.

2. 2,900 mid level Boxers with semi-rare features and improved skills plus more experience than the Tier 3 boxers will be in Tier 2. Upon collecting ‘four Tier2 assets’ one can get access to exclusive tickets for premier sporting events and private themed parties worldwide.

3. 99 elite NFTs belong to the Tier1. The top ranked boxers, with the rarest of attributes and highest level of skill will be in Tier1. Being the unique boxers, Tier 1 boxers will also unlock the best rewards and real world benefits. By collecting two Tier1 assets, one can personally meet Manny Pacquiao!

The proceeds from NFT Collection will help gain funds for Pacquiao’s Foundation to help the Ukrainian refugees.