Steve Jobs’ Birkenstock sandals sell at auction with accompanying NFT


  • Birkenstock sandals worn by Steve Jobs in the 1970s were sold for a triple price.
  • The Birkenstock sandals were sold for a whopping $327,000 at Julien’s auctions.
  • The person who purchased the Birkenstock sandals remains anonymous.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ Birkenstock sandals sold for a whopping $327,000 at Julien’s auctions. Jobs used to wear these brown suede Birkenstock sandals in the mid-1970s in California where he partnered with Steve Wozniak and built his dream company APPLE. 

In the listings on the official website, the auction house brought to everyone’s notice that the infamous Birkenstock sandals’ cork and jute footbed had somewhat retained Steve Jobs’ foot imprints, quite assumably shaped after years of regular use.

The Birkenstock sandals were expected to fetch around $US 60,000, but the final sale price tripled to a whopping $326,541.25, with an accompanying NFT.

The person who eventually bought Steve Job’s almost worn-out “Birkenstock sandals” chose to remain anonymous and far away from any attention from the media. 

FYI, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both co-founded Apple in 1976 at the former’s parent’s house in Los Altos, California.

In 2013, this infamous property was labelled as a historic and iconic landmark by the Los Altos Historical Commission.

Besides Steve Job’s “Birkenstock sandals”, Julien’s Auctions has sold hundreds of other historic celebrity artifacts such as John Lennon’s glasses these past few weeks as part of its Icons and Idols: Rock ‘N’ Roll auction.

Apple Co-founder and innovator Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 after a long struggle from complications of pancreatic cancer.