Polygon’s single day NFT trading volume reaches $11.4 million


  • The Polygon network has left the NFT world surprised with a one day trading volume of $11.4 million.
  • Polygon has also reached a 90-day high on OpenSea besides exceeding half of Ethereum’s daily volume.
  • The jump in activity on the Polygon network is the result of Reddit x NFT partnership.

The Polygon network is doing incredibly great recently, as the NFT trading volume of OpenSea has reached a 90-day high. Within just one day, the trading volume has gone up to $11,405,423 with the daily volume of Ethereum standing at $19,686,429 on OpenSea. This clearly states that Polygon saw almost half of Ethereum’s volume on the marketplace. 

The jump in Polygon’s activity is because of the recent collaboration between Reddit and the NFL with the goal of minting polygon-inspired Super Bowl Collectible Avatars. In a period of only four days, about 1 million avatars were minted, which broke an all-time record as far as daily Reddit Collectible Avatar mints are concerned. At the moment, 1,198,629 Super Bowl avatars have been minted. 

As of now, the number of Polyon-inspired collectible avatars that are minted on Reddit conclude an appreciable percentage of the entire number of avatars minted until now. The rise in activity on Polygon and OpenSea proves the increase in demand for both non-fungible tokens and the Polygon network.  

Since more and more users are making use of the platform to enjoy quick and economical NFT-based transactions, Polygon has time and again proved its worth as a robust player in the world of NFTs.

Also, with the Polygon NFT volume touching a 3-month high on OpenSea shows the time when the network will emerge as the leader is not far. The recent collaboration between Reddit and the NFL, along with rising growth in terms of NFT trading, shows how things look rewarding for not just Polygon but its users too.