The Sandbox and BAYZ Partnership Will Expand the Metaverse in Brazil


  • The Sandbox recently made an announcement regarding its partnership with BAYZ
  • The platform intends to bring IPs and brands in entertainment from Brazil to the metaverse
  • BAYZ to create experiences and effectively onboard new gamers in Brazil to the metaverse
  • A full team will be hired by The Sandbox to grow its community in Brazil

A leading giant in the metaverse, The Sandbox, recently partnered with BAYZ, a platform paving the way for everyone to become a part of future gaming. The partnership is intended to carve out a path for a great opportunity for The Sandbox to reinforce its presence in the region.

As announced in the details of the partnership, The Sandbox, along with BAYZ, will be bringing IPs and brands in entertainment from Brazil to the metaverse. This will include music, culture, sports, TV, lifestyle, architecture, celebrities, and media.

With the onset of the new partnership, BAYZ will now be operating as an extension of The Sandbox in Brazil.

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, recently released a statement addressing the potential of this partnership that said:

Brazil has a rich and vibrant entertainment culture that we want to bring into The Sandbox to connect more users from South and Latin America. We succeed as a global platform by incorporating individual cultures, and we’re happy to have BAYZ as a strong local partner to help us include Brazil’s culture and diversity into the metaverse.

In addition to this, The Sandbox will be hiring a full-time dedicated team at BAYZ to grow its community in Brazil while focusing on bringing new local partners to the game. BAYZ will now be creating experiences and fetching new gamers in the Brazilian market to the metaverse.

João Borges, the Co-Founder of BAYZ, also stated in relation to the partnership and revealed:

We are thrilled to be the partnership The Sandbox has made in Brazil to expand its ecosystem in a new region. As experts in the marketplace, we look forward to working together to connect with the ever-growing community and creating regional strategic partnerships to add to The Sandbox’s already impressive collection.