Sandbox Is Now Listed on Coinbase. $100,000 Sand Giveaway!


  • SAND is now available on Coinbase, and they’re giving away $100,000 in SAND to 256 fortunate winners!
  • To enroll, first opt-in, then buy $100 in SAND on Coinbase (including fees) before June 22. For every $100 you spend, you’ll receive one entry (up to 10 entries max).
  • SAND is the key utility token in The Sandbox that allows you to purchase and sell lands and assets in the SAND metaverse.

Coinbase was founded in 2012, and it now has over 98 million verified users, 13,000 institutions, and 230,000 ecosystem partners in more than 100 countries.

Entering the market

  1. Please log in. Are you not logged in? At, sign in or establish an account. Then opt in by following the steps.
  2. Become a member. After around 24 hours, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’ve successfully opted in.
  3. Trade on Coinbase, and purchase $100 or more in SAND. You can pay $100 (plus costs) all at once or in installments, but all SAND purchases must be completed before June 22, 2012. For every $100 you spend, you will receive one entry (up to 10 entries max).
  4. Tighten your seatbelt. You’ll be entered into the sweepstakes if you opt in and complete the trade condition, and we’ll send you an entry confirmation email within 24 hours. On or around June 27, 2022, we will contact the winners through email.

What prizes are available to the winners?

  • One winner will get $50,000 in the SAND
  • Five winners will get $5000 in the SAND
  • 250 winners will get $100 in the SAND

SAND is all about

SAND is an Ethereum-based ERC20 coin that is used in the Sandbox metaverse game universe. The Sandbox is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and users may use SAND to purchase and create stuff in the game. SAND will also function as a governance token for future involvement in The Sandbox’s game activities.

The Sandbox’s Background

Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, The Rabbids, Shibuya 109, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Richie Hawtin, The Smurfs, Care Bears, Atari, ZEPETO, CryptoKitties, and others have partnered with The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, to name a few.
The Sandbox metaverse builds on the existing Sandbox IP, which has over 40 million global mobile installs, and provides players and creators with a decentralized and intuitive platform for creating immersive 3D worlds and game experiences, as well as safely storing, trading, and monetizing their creations.