Sandbox tweets SnoopDogg’s NFT collection’s first glimpse in Snoop Verse video


  • Sandbox invites users to SnoopDogg’s NFT show.
  • Sandbox shares the first glimpse of Snoopverse via video.
  • A fan paid $500k to live next to SnoopDogg in the metaverse.

Sandbox posted a video on Twitter sharing the first glimpse of SnoopDogg’s exclusive NFT collection showing on Snoopverse. However, VIP users can only enjoy the viewing.

SnoopVerse will join the metaverse by establishing his residence on a piece of virtual property he owns in The Sandbox. A limited edition “Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass” that grants users VIP access to concerts, events, Q&As, and specific NFT drops will also be released by Snoop Dogg along with the introduction of his NFT collection, which includes player avatars. Snoop Verse has consistently invested in cutting-edge technology, and in 2019 he launched his own esports competition series, the Gangsta Gaming League.

He released “A Journey with the Verse” in April of this year, a limited-edition collection of NFTs that contained the exclusive tune NFT and was intended to provide listeners with a glimpse into his life. The Sandbox, a rapidly expanding decentralised gaming platform where Snoop Dogg can share his NFT collection and lifestyle with gamers all over the world, is his next move into the NFT universe.

It was revealed in September of last year that Snoop was creating his own virtual universe within The Sandbox, one of the many quickly expanding social metaverse platforms. Users may explore a unique virtual environment called the “Snoopverse,” which has everything related to Snoop Dogg, acquire priceless NFT drops, and attend special in-world performances. Since Snoop’s virtual world is so well-liked, one superfan just paid an astounding $500,000 to live next door to the rapper.

Snoop stunned the music industry earlier this month when he bought the rights to storied hip-hop label Death Row Records and declared plans to rebuild the business with an emphasis on Web3. The man himself appears in a new music video that was released last week, which is another fresh piece of metaverse-related content.