Seven Season scammed into losing 13 BAYC NFTs


  • Malicious transaction scams are becoming common.
  • @_sevenseason_ tweeted of losing all 13 BAYC.
  • IP licensing and safety scammers should be avoided.

People are often scammed by copyright companies. They may not even know that they have been scammed because the company will often come up with a fake story to tell the person. This is why it is important to know the copyright laws and how to protect your work.

@_sevenseason_, lost all of its 13 BAYC NFTs after receiving a transaction from a malicious account under the guise of a licensing deal. He was asked  to connect his wallet and create an account and then sign the licensing deal. Thereafter they stole his BAYC NFTs.

For more information on this scam, please refer to @_sevenseason_ Twitter thread.

Copyright companies have been around for a while, but now scammers have been getting more prevalent of scamming through the disguise of such companies.Scams like these are becoming more and more common, and if you don’t do your research, that could be you.

There are many copyright companies that will send you a copyright notice, notifying you of the existence of your copyrighted work. Once they have your information, they will ask you to pay them a fee to “claim” your copyright. However, they will do nothing to actually protect your copyright.

To avoid being scammed, you have to be aware of the warning signs and do your research. If you see an advertisement that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are contacted by someone with a copyright scam, tell them that you will not be buying the content and hang up.