Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus announce partnership in NFT World


  • Snoop, Billy Ray, and The Avilla Brothers are bringing “A Hard Working Man” to web3 in an unusual way.
  • The series, divided into three tiers, focuses on community development and asset utility.
  • Snoop has released several NFT collections, hosted multiverse events, and even opened his own cake shop based on his Bored Ape character.

In his latest effort, the iconic rapper Snoop Dogg has collaborated with country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus and the Avila Brothers to release an NFT collection to complement their smash tune.

The “A Hard Working Man” NFT collection will be released in collaboration with Animal Concerts, a pioneer in virtual world events, and will include three levels of non-fungible tokens. The music honors industrious individuals all throughout the world, and the NFT collections, according to the musicians, will prioritize collaboration. 

In addition, the NFTs act as membership cards for IRL events such as concerts, comedy performances, meetings, private entities, celebrations, and poker games.

The NFTs are classified into three categories:

The Hustler Version will be the first to go live, with 9,999 unique NFTs. Owners have direct exposure to virtual world events, special celebrations, a Snoop Dogg party at a live event, digital concerts, gaming bundles, and other benefits.

Subscribers to the Overachiever Edition have access to a special event with Snoop and Billy Ray, unpublished AHWM material, multiverse gear giveaways, and more.

Invitations to “next-level” in-person events, a party with Snoop, unique access to original music, flyway packs, and more are included in the Baller Edition.

Few people have been as engaged in the NFT market as the “Doggfather of Music,” DMX. Snoop has published multiple NFT collections, multiverse events, and even launched his own bakery based on his Bored Ape IP, in addition to owning a Bored Ape and a private NFT collection worth a fortune.