Unstoppable NFT announces that subdomains are now live for developers


  • Unstoppable.NFT is adding the ability to create a subdomain for any Unstoppable domain held by users.
  • Each Unstoppable subdomain is stored on-chain as its own ERC-721 token, implying the parent domain owners can’t revoke subdomains once created.
  • Head of Product at Unstoppable Web, Michael, released ten steps to mint an Unstoppable subdomain.

In a recent announcement made via the official Twitter handle of Unstoppable.NFT, it has been revealed that subdomains are now live for developers. This means that they have added the ability for users to create a subdomain for any Unstoppable domain they hold. This ultimately gives out more ways for users to represent themselves on Web3. 

This major registry update allows users to extend the utility of their Web3 identity. The users will now be able to create art.name.crypto in order to hold the addresses and website for their NFT collection and gaming.name.crypto for their in-game addresses. 

Talking about the functioning of the subdomains, they let users extend a domain across several identities. Suppose there is a family, then they would be able to use the gomez.nft domain to facilitate the creation of family domains, such as marcela.gomez.nft. As for the business subdomains, they open up even more possibilities. 

It has been revealed that each of the Unstoppable subdomains is stored on-chain as its own ERC-721 token. This clearly means that the parent domain owners won’t be able to revoke or control subdomains once created. Ultimately, this will help in safeguarding people and strengthening self-ownership of on-chain identity. 

Given the fact that each subdomain has its own distinct ERC-721 token, it will have the same exact features as carried by its parent domain. The users will be able to use them to store crypto addresses and set reverse records. As revealed, with this particular release, subdomains are active at the registry contract level, which implies that users can utilize the registry contracts in order to create subdomains for the domains they own. They are aimed at making creating a new subdomain as hassle-free as possible as registering a new domain. 

Michael, the Head of Product at Unstoppable Web, released the ten steps that are to be followed in order to mint an Unstoppable subdomain; they are

  1. Visi the Polygonscan MintingManager contract:
  2. Select Write as Proxy
  3. Connect to Web3 wallet
  4. Open method #16 – issueWithRecords
  5. Enter the recipient’s address
  6. Add domain terms in array form
  7. Add an empty array in keys
  8. Add an empty array in value
  9. Pay for the tx & wait a few mins for it to settle 
  10. Profit