Upland’s New NFT Collection: A Charitable Push for Playground Accessibility


  • Upland is initiating an NFT fundraiser to aid KABOOM! a nonprofit focused on creating playgrounds in historically underserved areas.
  • Over a quarter-century, KABOOM! has built or revamped more than 17,000 playspaces.
  • Upland’s upcoming NFT collection, featuring 1800 items, will financially support KABOOM!, though a 10% transaction fee will be retained by Upland.

Upland, the renowned metaverse platform, has announced an NFT fundraiser. This initiative aims to support KABOOM!, an American nonprofit dedicated to building playgrounds in underserved neighborhoods. Over the past 25 years, KABOOM! has impressively constructed or renovated more than 17,000 playspaces.

Danny Brown Wolf, Upland’s chief of staff, highlighted that ending playspace inequity deeply resonates with the Upland community. Moreover, it was the Upland community members, termed “avid Uplanders,” who introduced KABOOM! to the platform. Additionally, some of these members have actively participated in real-world fundraisers for the playground manufacturer. Consequently, this collaboration allowed KABOOM! to liaise with the Upland team, paving the way for a metaverse fundraiser using in-game map assets.

For those unfamiliar, these map assets in Upland are equivalent to NFTs. Users have the option to purchase assets ranging from land and houses to apartments and decorative items for their virtual spaces. Hence, in line with this concept, Upland is set to launch an NFT playground collection. This collection comprises 1800 NFTs, and the proceeds will directly benefit KABOOM!. However, it’s worth noting that Upland will retain a 10% transaction fee.

The minting process, a spectacle for all metaverse participants, will kick off with an in-game representation of a factory producing these playgrounds. This event is scheduled for Thursday, with the first sales commencing on Friday. The collection, showcasing five distinct playground designs, is the brainchild of an Uplander graphic artist. Once acquired, users can seamlessly integrate these playgrounds into their virtual backyards.

This isn’t Upland’s maiden charitable venture. In December 2022, the platform collaborated with UNICEF Brazil. The fundraiser aimed to support a youth program focused on imparting metaverse and Web3 skills to aspiring young professionals. This sale featured winter-themed virtual ornaments and gnomes, reflecting Upland’s seasonal dynamics. Additionally, leveraging its partnership with UNICEF, Upland organized a sale in February to assist earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Wolf perceives these fundraisers, especially the UNICEF collaboration, as a testament to the metaverse’s potential. She envisions a future where impact organizations harness the metaverse, akin to how they utilize social media platforms like Facebook for campaigns.