Web3 game Brycent ranked as best gaming blockchains in 2022


  • Brycent ranked gaming blockchains on Twitter.
  • Polygon holds the first rank as they have the best strategic team.
  • Binance holds 36.6% of all blockchain-based games.

Over the last year, the introduction of blockchain technology in video games has been a constant topic of conversation. Brycent ranked the best games available on blockchains since gaming has become popular in Web 3. Simultaneously, Brycent also shared the reason behind their positions on the list.

Polygon is ranked number one. Polygon should celebrate its victory because 2022 was a masterwork in a strong alliance. Their success began with the appointment of Ryan Wyatt. He has subsequently cultivated collaborations with several prominent businesses. 

Several funding sources and collaborations have helped Polygon establish itself as a key player in web3 gaming.

The second number in this ranking is Immutable. Immutable is a well-known brand in web-based gameplay. To say that it will dominate in 2022 is an understatement. 

Immutable introduced Gamestop to the universe of NFTs, which led to Gamestop developing a complete web3 plan and service for their company, Gamestop NFT. Immutable is doing fairly well.

The third number is none other than Solana. Solana engages in gaming, but more importantly, Solana requires gaming. Layer-1 is seeking a spark to consolidate itself as a blockchain capable of integrating with the gaming industry. 

Solana is developing fascinating gaming titles on its site, and the team has supported several games. Solana needs to excel at something.

The fourth number on the list is held by Arbitrum. The 2-Layer Rollup Arbitrum has been increasing in value during the last year. A lot of this achievement may be due to Treasure DAO, a decentralized gaming platform that is leading the charge. Countless web3 players, programmers, and supporters rely on Arbitrum. Because of the structure of their sustainable growth, they will play a huge role in 2023.

Binance, which is mostly popular in Asia, has turned its focus to sports, which is not unexpected given the recent debut of the Binance NFT network, which holds the fifth place. The majority of the wins came from Gamefi. According to Binance, BNB represents 36.6% of all blockchain-based games.